Pride Park is an association created to promote cultural and recreational activities aimed at the affirmation and defense of civil rights and the quality of life of the gay and lesbian population.
Pride Park pursues the aim of conveying and strengthening the visibility of the LGBT community.
The association takes care of creating aggregative spaces and contexts for reflection and study in order to protect and strengthen the right to personal identity and the full realization of LGBT people against prejudices and discrimination in any form.

“Valeria Santini – Art Director”


Dj Season 2018/2019 – Misstake”

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Dj Season 2018/2019 – Salvo Venditti”

Dj Season 2018/2019 – Claudio Addobati (Ferio Dj)”

“Dj Season 2018/2019 – Manuela Doriani”


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